Parish Life & Care

Parish Life includes all of the activities that contribute to strengthening fellowship within the St. John's Community.  Pastoral care involves a loving community which responds to challenges of faith, life crises, and ordinary questions along the way. 

Pastoral Care

The role of pastoral care at St. John’s exists to care for the body and spirit of our church family and even reaches beyond to those who may not have a church family. We strive to demonstrate Christ’s love by supporting our members through joy, sorrow, illness and other life events.

Hospital Visitations

Our clergy attempt to see every member who is in the hospital. But long gone are the days when the hospitals call the parish to inform us of an admission. Due to privacy laws, area hospitals no longer provide information regarding parishioners unless specifically directed to do so by you upon admission. Many parishioners misunderstand the privacy forms and do not list the parish on the privacy notice, making it impossible for us to know of a hospitalization. In many cases, such as outpatient surgery or emergency care, notification is not possible. If you or a loved one are in the hospital, or in need of special prayers please contact us so that one of our clergy is able to visit you.

Eucharistic Visitors

Each Sunday, trained Eucharistic Visitors are sent with the blessing of our clergy and parish family to deliver communion to those confined to home or hospital. The Eucharistic Visitors of our parish are an essential element in keeping homebound parishioners connected to all of us.

Bereavement Ministry

The bereavement ministry provides specific services and support to parishioners who have experienced a death in their family. Those services include providing guidance in planning for Funerals or Memorial Servics and the receptions that follow.  It also includes care the bereaved for as long as necessary.

New Baby Ministry

The new baby ministry provides specific services and support to parishioners who are preparing to have or have had a new birth or adoption in their family.  St. John's provides guidance in planning for Baptism as well as spiritual and emotional support for new parents for as long as needed.  

Retirement Center Visitation Ministry

The retirement center visitation ministry provides specific services and support to parishioners living in retirement homes in an effort to keep them involved in the life of the church.  The ministry includes phone calls, visitation and Eucharist if desired.  

Parish Life - To join any of these activities or find out more information, contact the organizer listed on this chart.

Sunday Breakfasts
Sunday's during The Church School Year
8:45 AM, Magill Hall
Join your parish family for the best breakfast in town. Teams of the Men of St. John’s cook a homemade breakfast each Sunday morning - always special and always delicious! $5 each ($12 cap for families)

Annual Parish Picnic
Each September, the parish family enjoys a Sunday afternoon picnic at the home of one of our members. There are activities for children, fun, fellowship and great food for all. 

Westminster Canterbury Luncheons
First Thursday each month
11:45 AM, Fauber Dining Room
Residents of Westminster Canterbury join our Clergy for a monthly luncheon for the first Thursday of each month. Visitors are always welcome. 

"DINE with NINE" Supper Groups
 Whether you are brand new to St. John’s or have been here for many years you are invited to join a fall “Dine with Nine” group. “Dine with Nine”  is a group of 8-10 adults that meet once a month to share a simple potluck supper. Participants take turns hosting, with the host providing the main dish, and the others bringing an appetizer, salad, rolls and desert. You may choose between an adults-only group or a kids-included group. Sign up in September using the forms available in the Commons or contact the leader of the group. You will be assigned to a Dine with Nine group and will receive follow up information on who your group members are.

Fauber Gallery
The Fauber Gallery is a magnificent space, adjacent to The Commons, for local and regional art exhibits. Artists exhibit in the Gallery, selling their work directly to interested individuals. The artists then contribute a portion of the proceeds to the Church to maintain the Gallery; additional income supports our mission in the community. For information contact Ted Batt,, our curator.